“One cannot acquaint themselves with Crete through descriptions. Crete, one can only experience and enjoy*”

Over three million tourists a year select Crete as their destination. And this is because … “Crete has it all”. A diverse relief, an admirable cultural heritage, a mild climate, crystal-clear seas and picturesque beaches , a rich and lively folk tradition, high-quality tourist infrastructures, as well as dining, recreation and entertainment facilities to cater for every taste.




It is true that “Crete has it all” − but in certain respects it is truly unrivalled!

  • In the renowned “Cretan cuisine”, the healthiest and most delicious cuisine in the world!

  • In the natural environment, featuring an impressive, for the size of the island, biodiversity and diversity in landscapes (the richest flora in Europe), and also the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.

  • In the hospitality, inherent in Cretans since time immemorial.

  • In the sustainability of resources, as the island of Crete rates first among islands world-wide in turning Renewable Energy Sources to good account.

  • But first and foremost, in culture; the Minoan civilization was the first one in Europe, the forefather of today’s Western civilization. It was in Crete that Zeus was born, who later, transformed into a bull, came to swim back to Crete bearing Evropi, the pretty Phoenician princess, on his back. There is perhaps no other place in the world endowed with so much history, so much poetry, so much beauty! Homer called Crete beautiful, fruitful, and sea-bathed, while Kazantzakis exclaimed “happy are the eyes fortunate enough to behold Crete in the sea”!


*Olof Palme, former Prime Minister of Sweden