For those who love peace and quiet, nature, rural living and villages, the Lassithi prefecture is an ideal region which holds many surprises, great emotions and often magical moments.




Monasteries and countryside churches, ancient cities, mansions, ports and altars, fortresses, castles and traditional settlements , as well as deserted little villages and monastery dependencies, spring heads, watermills, windmills and all other remains of a farming and pastoral life, are all sights which have, over the last few years, constituted exclusive destinations for those who love the tourism of the authentic, the unexplored, the non-elaborate. The sort of tourism which is now called “alternative”, and which is supported by specialised services and infrastructures to serve the visitor-traveller, such as cultural walks, hiking and climbing trails, canyoning trails, and systems to explain and showcase both the monuments and the environment.

There are also accommodation and restauration facilities, such as excellent restaurants, taverns and traditional coffee-houses, farm holiday accommodation, organised camping sites, small hotels and guest-houses, rooms for rent and apartments, all offering high-quality building- and other facilities, areas for recreation, entertainment, sports and other activities, an excellent service and a friendly environment.